How IT Works

Complete The Application Form
When you use Pot Exam, you won’t need to visit your doctor for an appointment. Instead, you simply fill out an online application form. This won’t take you long, and you won’t even need to leave your home.

You should ensure that all your details are correct so that the process can be completed as quickly as possible.

Get Approved
Our qualified doctor will look at your application and make an assessment based on your details to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card. Not all applications are approved, but if medical marijuana could help your ailments and your condition is covered under California’s medical marijuana laws, then you are likely to be approved.

Get Your Recommendation
Once your application as been approved, you will be able to start using your medical marijuana recommendation straight away. You will receive this VIA email electronically, which will enable you to use it to make an order for medical marijuana right away. In addition to this, you will also receive an official copy of this recommendation in the mail.

Use It
When you have been issued with your medical marijuana recommendation, you will be able to use it in a local California dispensary, on an online medical marijuana dispensary or you can also grow cannabis at home for your own personal use.

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