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Lynn Haven Will Allow Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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The question for many states is whether or not to legalize recreational and medical marijuana. A balance has to be struck between societal implications and the financial benefits. There is also the very real matter of administrative burdens. It is no easy matter regulating a multibillion-dollar industry. Florida has strict requirements on the regulation of marijuana and it is not easy to obtain medical marijuana in the region. It is not like other states where obtaining medical marijuana is more of a formality. Potential patients have to have a qualifying condition and obtain a recommendation from a doctor they have been with for a minimum of three months. This can be contrasted to some other states where obtaining a medical marijuana card can be done online in under an hour.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana License in Florida

In order to obtain a medical marijuana permit in Florida, it is first necessary to have a qualifying condition. After this, applicants go to their doctors who gives them a recommendation (The doctor has to have a permit in order to give out recommendations to applicants).All applicants must be over the age of 18, have a recommendation from their primary care physician, must have registered with the department of health and must have tried other treatments without success. This last clause is the killer for those who really want access to the benefits of medical marijuana. It means they must go down the horrendous chemical route before going down the organic and holistic marijuana avenue. This approach is exactly backwards and puts harmful treatments on a pedestal before the less invasive plant substance.

A doctor cannot give applicants a prescription for marijuana, as this is illegal.Doctors do not have this authority, but they can certify via a recommendation that the applicant is suitable for marijuana as a form of treatment for their illness. After you get your recommendation, you have to wait a minimum of 30 days to get the medical marijuana card, which usually takes 60 days.

Medical Marijuana in Lynn Haven

Last year, Florida voted to allow medical marijuana, albeit with strict requirements. Now it is up to each individual region as to whether they want to adopt this vote or not. Lynn Haven officials have voted to allow the medical marijuana dispensaries. With the closest medical dispensaries in Pensacola and Tallahassee, locals who use marijuana for medical conditions are finding this vote to be a gift that will make their lives much easier.

Dispensaries must follow specific guidelines. They must look like a pharmacy and operate like a pharmacy. The dispensaries and people who use the marijuana will be heavily regulated. Even if you have a medical marijuana card, action will be taken against you if you use the drug and drive.Also, you still can’t use marijuana in public. The law surrounding medical marijuana in Florida is still very immature and leaves much to be desired, but it is getting there, along with many other states in the USA. There have been nearly 100 years of misinformation and stigma surrounding marijuana, and it will take a while to get over. There is also the massive matter of regulation and certification of marijuana, which is not to be taken lightly. Any progress is good progress and as years go by people will grow more familiar with marijuana and the requirements will lessen. According to Lynn Haven mayor Margo Andersen:

“We basically had two choices based on Florida law: that is to ban them from the city limits, not to allow them at all, or we could draft an ordinance or resolution to allow them in any part of town where a regular pharmacy is allowed,…Florida overwhelmingly with 71 percent voted to allow medical marijuana for these debilitating and painful diseases because people can find pain relief, many times those with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, it improves their appetite, it improves their overall quality of life,”


Slow but Steady Progress

There is not any word as of yet with regard to any dispensaries opening up but it is only a matter of time. Comprehensive rules and guidelines surrounding the opening of dispensaries have yet to be established as Lynn Haven has only recently opened its doors to medical marijuana dispensaries. In the meantime, recreational marijuana in Florida remains illegal, and patients have many hurdles to overcome before they can gain access to a medicinal herb with the rigid guidelines surrounding medical marijuana. And if they do get their card, the nearest dispensary is going to be Pensacola and Tallahassee. Bur progress is being made and time will see a wider acceptance of marijuana in general.