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The Best Way to Get Medical Marijuana Recommendations Online

icon  05 Jan, 2017  /  icon  0        Author: Anne Roberts

Medical weed is an increasingly popular form of treatment worldwide. It gives users a feeling of something fresh from pharmaceutical medication and often offers solutions which regular forms of treatment cannot. Many states in the United States have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes, and the others look set to follow.

Despite medical weed being so popular, there is a problem with the ever-growing number of medical weed patients –the number of patients far outweigh the number of licensed practitioners. This proves to be quite a big problem, as the lack of practitioners prevents many patients from getting their required medical marijuana recommendation.

Agreat way of getting around this inconvenience is by visiting us – the #1 rated online medical weed doctor. It is available for access to all medical weed patients in California and saves them the trouble of waiting in queue for hours on end to visit medical marijuana doctors at their local clinics.

Patients can have assistance from an expert team of highly qualified and state licensed medical weed practitioners. Not only can these doctors provide high-quality advice to the patients, but, more importantly, they can issue medical weed recommendations as well. All doctors are fully qualified and have their credentials listed on the Medical Board’s website.

In order to get these recommendations, patients simply need tosign up at the website, complete their profile and choose their appointment time. After that is done, the doctors will look at the application and make an assessment based on the patient’s details and ailments, so that they can give the best and most accurate assistance. Afterward the patient can consult with licensed practitioners via video chat and get the required assistance. If a patient finds video chat inconvenient for some reason, he or she can simply send Pot Exam an email and have their queries answered accordingly.

The online sessions arefollowed by the issuing ofa medical weed  recommendationthrough email. This recommendation can be used immediately after being issuedfor purchasing medical weed Products online. After a few days, the officialcopy of the medical weed recommendation – embossed with gold seal – arrives in the mail, which can then be used for purchasing medical weed from licenseddispensaries in California.Patients can also use this recommendation to legally grow cannabis at their home, for their own personal use.

The online sessions are truly a complete medical weed treatment experience, as it includes:

  • Appointment with licensed practitioners
  • Official recommendation
  • NFC-enabled Photo ID Card
  • Exclusive discounts and offers

As easy as it sounds, though, recommendations are not given to everyone applying for one; rather, they are issued only to those in need of it. This is to ensure that no one can misuse the recommendation and use marijuana for non-medical purposes. The list of medical conditions which qualify for the issuing of a medical marijuana card include:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Eating disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Seizures
  • Glaucoma

Thus, only patients whose conditions are covered under medical weed laws have their applications approved, and they qualify for a medical marijuana card. Privacy is maintained at all times.

The medical weed recommendations issued online are 100% legal, and the service commands a low fee – much cheaper than what patients would have to pay their doctors. Yet another reason which makes this the best way to get medical weed recommendations online.

In short, obtaining medical weed recommendations for legitimate use has never been more convenient. Patients no longer need to visit medical weed clinics and wait in line for longer than their treatment takes. Instead, they can simply visit the Pot Exam website and book for an online appointment at the most suitable time. Their application will be checked by Pot Exam’s team of highly qualified and registered doctors, and a medical weed card will be issued accordingly, which can be used immediately for online medical marijuana purchase. An official copy of the recommendation will also arrive after a few days in the mail, which can then be used at licensed dispensaries. All of these benefits points to one indisputable fact –getting medical weed recommendations in California has never been easier.

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