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Can I Buy Medical Marijuana Online Without MMJ Card in California?

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With the ongoing marijuana legalization, there is much debate as to where and in what instances it is legal to obtain marijuana. In California, medical marijuana has recently been legalized. On Nov 8 2016, Marijuana was made legal in California for those over the age of 21. However, it was not just a free for all license to buy as much as you wish.
There are actually a number of caveats to the legalization. First, it means that marijuana is legal for those who are entitled to and obtain a medical marijuana card California (MMJ). Second, it does not mean that it can be grown and dispensed by anyone. The state will license and regulate the sale and distribution of cannabis. Cannabis is now subject to taxation, regulation and licensing.

Medical Marijuana Card California

You can buy marijuana online, provided you have a medical marijuana card (MMJ) and that you only buy from a medical dispensary. You are not permitted to buy marijuana from anywhere else. Even with the medical marijuana card you can only obtain marijuana from recognized outlets.

The upside of this is that it is pretty easy to get a medical marijuana card. Far easier than you may think. You can possibly obtain a medical marijuana card online and get approved within 30 minutes. All you need to do is say that you are suffering from a number of symptoms which marijuana could help alleviate. You will also need a state ID or driver’s license from any state to get approval. All you need is a doctor’s recommendation to get a card.

Alternatively, you can go to your doctor, tell him or her your symptoms and tell him or her that a marijuana license may be appropriate. This may be a little daunting but if you actually do have a condition that you feel that marijuana may alleviate be sure to tell your doctor. And if you don’t then you can always try and suggest some symptoms. This should not really be your first option, as there are many horror stories from doctors who are not compassionate or charge prohibitive rates for approving you for a medical marijuana card. Online evaluation services are far better and much cheaper and easier.

Can I buy Marijuana in Shops?

Recreational pot is now legal in California, once you have the card. And recreational shops are not permitted to start serving marijuana. Unfortunately, due to the time it takes to implement legislation, until January 2018 it will not be possible to get marijuana from vendors in California. But vendors may be able to start applying for licenses before then, January 2018 being the latest date. Licenses for marijuana will be distributed by the bureau of marijuana control, a newly created governmental department.

Why Marijuana Legalization is Wonderful?

The governmental oversight might seem like a pain but will also have a number of benefits. It ensures that the quality of the marijuana is high and free of toxins and fillers. And it will also generate tax revenue which could be used to pay for social programs.

One of the biggest advantages of legalization is that the price will come down, as it was prohibition that made the cost of marijuana so high in the past. This is debated by some, who argue that the licenses, taxation and regulation will contribute to a rise in the cost. But even factoring in all taxes the price can only come down, as marijuana is actually quite cheap and easy to grow compared to what it was historically sold for on the black market.

The California Marijuana Conclusion

You cannot buy Marijuana online unless you have a medical marijuana card, and even then, you can only buy from medical dispensaries. However, the medical marijuana card is quite easy to obtain and afterwards, it is very simple to buy online marijuana from a medical dispensary.

From January 2018 onwards some business outlets will have licenses to sell cannabis and from then on everyone will be able to purchase cannabis provided they are over the age of 21, as per the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) passed in 2016.

The Future of Marijuana Legalization

With regard to the selling and distribution of marijuana the legislation is still not fully developed. Cannabis growers will have to apply for licenses and there will be much state intervention in the taxation and regulation of cannabis production and distribution. That said, it is an important step in the distribution of a plant that has a host of proven health benefits. And any type of access to these plants is positive for the growth of society as a whole. Other states are following suit, including Nevada, who have recently legalized recreational marijuana use. Pot legalization in the states that will follow is sure to generate revenue and enhance the wellbeing of local communities.

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