Card an Individual Have a Medical Marijuana Card in Multiple States?

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As much as each of the US states has state laws that clearly categorize legislation by geographical area, matters can be very different on the ground. An individual living in smaller states and near state borders may have to visit a nearby state.  Maybe, you have just relocated to a new state and are subject to new laws.

The federal government has outlawed marijuana and states that have legalized it have made changes to their individual laws, so what you can do with it depends on which specific state you are in. Already, 29 states including California have legalized it, so you have to sift through several rules.

If you are a medical marijuana patient that travels from state to another, read this article to find out whether you will need another marijuana cards to get the medicine in the destination states.

Can I obtain aMedical Marijuana Card in Multiple States?

You should first decide whether you would like to get a card for each state or use your Medical Marijuana Card in different states. A good number of the weed-friendly states will accept your out-of-state medical marijuana card for buying and possessing weed for medicinal purposes.

It’s extremely difficult to legally obtain a medical marijuana card from more than one state. Once you are issued with one, you are officially on record and will not be allowed to obtain from any other state.

One of the basic requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana card is proving that you live in the state. A number of states do not recognize IDs issued by other states in their applications, and such states will require you provide a document proving your area of residence. You can’t be eligible to apply a medical card outside your state of residence. An exception is Florida that allows part-time residents with state licenses issued by other state to get a card.

It highly recommended that you get a new medical marijuana card when you travel out of your state. While you may be able to buy and use cannabis in a state that recognizes out-of-state marijuana cards, when it will expires you won’t be allowed to use and possess marijuana, so get a new one for an extended time of use. You should apply for one in time as some state program will take unusually long to apply.

Even if you cannot obtain more than one state’s cannabis card, you canuse your state’s card to buy in other states. There is a good number of weed-friendly states that allow visitors to medicate with weed during their stay.

States that Recognize Out-of-State Cards


Rhode Island

Allows people with out-of-state cards possess a maximum of 2.5 ounces, but they cannot buy in the state using the cards.

New Hampshire

If your card was issued under this state’s qualifying conditions, you can come with your medicine, but you can’t use your card to buy from their dispensaries. You aren’t allowed to carry more than 2 ounces at a time.


While the law is still being developed, the state’s caregivers can obtain medical weed from another state for minors aged <18, but it has to be obtained from the state of origin.


They accept other states’ marijuana cards but have very strict regulatory legislation.


As from Jan. 1 2018, individuals with out-of-state marijuana cards will be allowed to buy and possess weed. But, they have possession limits.


As long as you are over 21 years of age, you can freely buy weed, but you can still use your card to buy medicinal weed products, provided your state of origin protects patients from criminal prosecution.


You get the same favors as local patients, provided you get authorization from Maine-based doctors and have recommendation.


You will be allowed to use and possess a maximum of 2.5 ounces of weed with your out-of-state marijuana card, but won’t be allowed to buy from their dispensaries.

States that allow recreational weed

Differences between medical and recreational cannabis use vary from state to another and normally involve a few factors. States often allow waived sales tax on stronger medicine and weed purchases. If you enter a registry, state officials will collect non-invasive data on medical weed use.

Unless you would like to get those benefits, recreational marijuana is equally beneficial as medical marijuana. But, with medical marijuana, you just buy without having to pass through a lengthy purchase process.

States that allow you buy weed without a cardare Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Note that the basic qualifying requirements may slightly differ among these states, and so do penalties for violation of marijuana rules.

Keep in mind that weed laws change frequently, to avoid running into trouble, we recommend that you frequently check the most recent legislature. One reliable source of such information is your dispensary or licensed marijuana doctor.

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