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Living in a place where marijuana has been decriminalized and qualifying as a marijuana patient are two different things. The regulations that outline how an individual can become a medical marijuana patient vary from one state to the other. In the state of California for instance, medical cannabis use is only allowed to qualified patients. This is similar in other states in the country which have adopted similar regulations where a patient must obtain a valid recommendation from the doctor to be considered as a qualified medical weed user. This always sparks questions on how to find a medical marijuana doctor anywhere around the country for recommendations. This article lists some ways that can be explored in seeking a qualified marijuana doctor and getting valuable recommendation that can be used to gain acceptance by the dispensaries.

Do research on conditions that qualify for medical marijuana

Not all conditions qualify one to become a medical cannabis patient. It is, therefore, important to carry out an extensive research on the conditions that one should possess for him/her to be recognized as a patient. While conducting this kind of the investigation, it is imperative to go through the state-specific regulations and recommendations. This is because laws governing medical pot use vary across states. Some states, for instance, needs you to apply for a state medical marijuana program which allows one to receive a medical marijuana ID card after a doctor’s recommendation. Notwithstanding that, you might also be required to provide a previous medical record of the illnesses which can lead one to either be considered as a qualified patient or not. If there is a lack of previous medical record, you might be denied the permit as a qualified medical marijuana user.


Obtain all the necessary medical records

Medical records related to conditions that qualify for medical use of cannabis are necessary for the determination of the state of the patient. The doctor will likely need the records of previous appointments to ascertain that an individual is indeed qualified to use medical pot. These records should be put together by your physician and forwarded to the relevant authority for analysis. This will help hasten the decision-making process and increase your chances of being permitted to enjoy your pot legally.

Find a qualified cannabis doctor near you

While there are a number of doctors who claim to know more about medical cannabis, it is always good to keep in mind that not all doctors are gurus in this area as they always purport. It is, therefore, important to do a broad analysis of the doctors in your area before making a decision to visit one of them for consultancy and recommendation after that. You can read through doctors’ listings and reviews from other individuals and how they view the stated doctor.  In some states such as California where a certified physician’s recommendation is the only thing needed by the authorities for consideration as a qualified patient, it is always an excellent idea visiting a reputable doctor who has a clean background and knowledge in this area. This will proof to be a helpful trick in obtaining permission from the authorities. In addition to making sure that you get a knowledgeable medical practitioner, be sure to find out the fees that will be charged for such service before rushing to sign papers. One should also determine the number of days that the letter of recommendation from the doctor will be valid to avoid unwanted hustles. The legality of the clinics should also be checked since most of the available clinics are currently under investigation for operating illegally.

Book an appointment

After you have gathered the necessary knowledge and settled on your best choice of a doctor, you should schedule an appointment. This can be done via different modes of communication such as email, dropping a letter or even going to the office in person and arranging for a perfect date when you will see the doctor. This makes the preparation of both the patient and the doctor efficient and hustle-free. The date for the appointment should always be scheduled when all the necessary documents have been put together.

Obtain doctor’s recommendation

Before making any recommendation, your doctor will have to go through all the previous health records that you have presented and analyze them carefully. It is critical to have all the necessary information to back up the documents that have been submitted to the physician in case of a point that needs to be clarified. Being in possession of such information always ensures that your physician is knowledgeable and can make the right recommendations. Despite the difference in the regulations and procedures of operations in different states, the majority of the dispensaries in most of the states will require you to be in possession of a valid ID when visiting the clinic. Given this, it is important to keep your certification as tidy as possible at all the time to ease the process of getting services from the physician. The certification should be renewed annually when the old one is nearing its expiration date to ease the process of getting services from a medical marijuana doctor and legal medical cannabis dispensaries around you.


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