Got your Marijuana Recommendation already? Here are 3 Factors that Could Determine the Cost of your Medical Marijuana Products

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Customers like to compare prices prior to purchasing anything. The same case applies in the marijuana business and this is a very important thing for any weed customer out there. This is especially if you need to use marijuana quite often. On such a case, your budget can be too high. Therefore, you may want to look out for a marijuana dispensary that will get you affordable marijuana based on your budget. All the same, the quality of weed needs to be good for it to be useful. Otherwise, it will be of no use to spend money on something that won’t help you regardless of the cheap prices. So, why are the marijuana prices so different from one dispensary to the other? Here are 3 major factors that have determined the price of cannabis over the years:-

1. Cannabis taxes
Just like alcohol and liquor, taxes on marijuana have had a significant impact on the final retailing price of weed products. Increased weed prices have been linked to increased tax at different levels. Each individual state that has operating markets has various tax levels that depend on the location of the weed dispensary hence causing a huge disparity between prices. For example, a weed user buying marijuana in Washington may end up paying up to 37% retail tax. Some marijuana dispensaries include the tax in the retail price that ultimately affects the buying price for the customer. In Oregon, there is a sales tax that is usually imposed on the end user, pegged at 25%. However, it continues to fluctuate and may be reduced to about 17% as time goes by. Local taxes included may amount to 20% in total. In other states like Colorado, the situation is much complicated. There are already predetermined 2.9% medical marijuana sales and retail tax, and another 10% retail cannabis special sales tax. This adds up to 12.9%. The figure could even be bigger depending on where you get your marijuana products from.

2. Location of Weed Dispensary
As taxes form part of the reason marijuana prices are high, the location from where you are buying marijuana products also comes into the equation. Specifically, it is the location in relation to the concept of demand and supply. An expensive location may attract high prices for weed. For example in Seattle, Los Angeles, downtown Portland or in San Francisco, prices can be too high. However, you can locate some cannabis dispensaries that have stocked a lot of cannabis and for the reason that they have plenty of supply; you can get your weed at a discount. The number of weed dispensaries or retail locations in the region also affects prices. If the demand is too high than the supply, prices will definitely shoot up.

3. Quality and Marijuana Prices
Quality is arguably the biggest factor that will influence the final price pegged on marijuana products. There are different cannabis strains and marijuana grades and their condition determines the final price of your weed. Good quality is defined through available content of CBD, THC, or merely having great aesthetics or odors. Such qualities attract high prices. Top-grade cannabis can cost a lot of money. Therefore, you will buy marijuana at a very high price from dispensaries that have maintained a high quality of their products. In most cases, low-grade marijuana comes with a lower price.

You don’t have to spend a lot on your marijuana. If you are looking for reasonable prices, look out of marijuana services that offer weed coupons to customers. You will still be able to get high quality weed at highly affordable prices.

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