Strong Strains for Chemo and Cancer Symptoms

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Looking for the perfect strain to ease chemotherapy pain? The following strains laid out in this article will assist you in locating the perfect strain for easing chemotherapy symptoms and fight back against cancer. There is still much to learn about how cannabis can assist in the fight against cancer. However, there is an ever expanding number of people using cannabis for its effects on the body and mind and using it as a medicine to assist in the fight against cancer.

There are various methods of ingesting cannabis, so surely there will be one that suits you. You will be able to try everything from oils to creams and edibles to inhalations. With all the paraphernalia available your options are endless so there is no reason to be exposed to effects of smoking.

Whatever your method of choice may be, the following guide will assist you along your cancer fighting cannabis, chemo easing cannabis journey.

One of the first questions asked by cannabis newbies is how marijuana can assist in pain management. Being an awful side effect of chemotherapy, pain is a difficult pill to swallow. Marijuana can assist be easing the pain and can be better on the human system in the long run when compared to harsh pharmaceutical drugs.

Pain relieving strains include:

  1. Chemo

This is the number one strain for those looking to ease the symptoms of chemotherapy. Chemo is an intense indica and it is for this reason that there are some patients who look for an alternative. Being such a  strong indica strain, chemo is not recommended for day time use. Originally from Canada, chemo has a high 29% THC count. This strain is not such a common strain and if you are looking for an efficient alternative then turn to

Blueberry Kush Strain, or,

-Death Star


  1. Harlequin

You should know that strains that assist in relieving pain are usually also strains that will cause a certain amount of drowsiness. This is where Harlequin makes a popular appearance because even though this strain has intense pain relieving abilities, it does not leave you feeling drowsy. This makes it perfect for daytime use. The higher CBD count gives a perky pick-me-up while relieving pain. Harlequin holds a ratio of 5:2 with CBD trumping THC. The mixture of both these cannabinoids provides the strain with a powerful blend of pain relief as well as other health benefits. The psychoactive high is lower because of the lower THC however it has just enough THC to promote a good mood.

Can’t find the Harlequin strain? Try out the following related alternatives:

-CBD Critical Cure, or,

-Sour Tsunami


  1. Purple Kush

This strain is an extremely popular indica strain. This is a strain with a high THC (27%) level. It has a mixture of various landrace indica buds and it helps the user to experience euphoric sensations and is a very strong pain reliever. This strain is good for use at home when you have time to sit back and let your mind be still. If you are looking for a strain similar to this but want it for day time use then turn the following alternatives:

-White Widow, or,


Chemotherapy also causes symptoms besides pain. May patients suffer from nausea, vomiting and a suppressed appetite. Cannabis strains that have a high THC count are known to assist in easing these symptoms.

  1. Jillybean

This hybrid is a happy combination of THC and CBD. It produces a happy-go-lucky sensation and delivers its juice with a sweet, citrusy dance on the tastebuds. The Jillybean strain is loved for its sativa dominant combination. The sativa side effect is uplifting and eases the mind. The Jillybean is perfect to fight the side effects of chemotherapy because it stimulates the appetite and ends nausea. This strain is good for daytime use as it stimulates the mind while still producing a relaxing mental effect. Cant get ahold of the Jillybean strain? Then look out for the following:

– Sunset Sherbet, or,

-White Fire OG


  1. God’s Gift


God’s Gift is indeed just that. This strain delivers a potent punch for those looking for some serious nausea and pain relief. Not only that but it is one of the strongest appetite stimulaters. God’s Gift will help to calm a sick stomach and make you want to munch away too.Avoid this potent strain during the day and if you are using a vaporiser then ingest this strain about half an hour before eating. The kick will come in just in time to kick start your appetite. Finding God’s Gift a little too strong? Try the following instead:

– Afgoo, or,

– Afgan Kush

  1. Super Lemon Haze

This sativa strain is renowned for being a popular strain amongst cancer patients. This bud helps to calm the stomach and all ailments associated with the stomach. Super Lemon Haze is considered among the favourites because it also assists in combatting depression and fatigue. This sativa provides an uplifting mood and a focused yet relaxed mental state, making it great for daytime use. The following are efficient alternatives to the Super Lemon Haze:

-Lemon Haze

-Super Sour Diesel


Many patients are turning to pure CBD oil to use as a fighter against cancer and chemotherapy symptoms. The following strains make the perfect bud to use when looking for CBD oil.

  1. Pennywise

This strain has a 1:1 ration of CBD and THC. Both of which have been found to have positive effects on cells and in the fight against cancer. This indica strain is widely used in the production of oil and gives the user a very relaxed sensation. Like the idea of a 1:1 ratio? Then try these out as well:

– One to One


– Stephen Hawking Kush

  1. Alien OG


This is another hybrid strain however this strain is higher in THC. The Alien OG has a THC percentage ranging in the low to high twenties and delivers a strong punch. There has been some research that concluded that a particular type of brain cancer, Glioblastomas, is fought better with THC than CBD. This strain has strong pain relieving properties and also produces a sedative effect. This strain is better suited for night time use. Because of its hybrid nature, the Alien OG also has a positive effect on the mood. Use this strain when you feel like you could use a mood boost. Other strains that offer a high THC percentage are:

– Gorilla Glue #4 (a strong sedative)

– Bubba Kush (another strong sedative)

– Girl Scout Cookies ( hybrid that has a mix of uplifting and sedative qualities)


  1. Harle-Tsu

While there still needs to be more research done on the effects of cannabinoids and cancer, some research has shown that THC has been an efficient fighter against cancer cells. However, research has revealed that CBD has a stronger effect on breast cancer. This makes Harle-Tsu a desirable strain for breast cancer patients. This bud has a ration of 20:1 (CBD:THC). Other strains that deliver a similar CBD kick are:


-Charlotte’s Web


Feel free to ask staff at your marijuana dispensary if you are still unsure, as many will be only too happy to assist you when looking for the most efficient strain, whatever your needs and/or symptoms.

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