Marijuana Advent Calendar Sales Soar Despite Health Warnings

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When it comes to marijuana, you can expect it to be in different forms. That being said, not all forms are recommended with some being banned in various states or countries that have legalized marijuana. A Vancouver based cannabis company has been having a hard time to meet the flood orders for their marijuana-filled advent calendars. Being the Christmas season, you can expect to have different types of products available on the market to help people celebrate the holiday.

This edible calendar is being produced by a company called Coast to Coast. Since the introduction of the calendars, it has seen many people flock its website to place an order. LorileeFedler who works at Coast to Coast claims that the company is overwhelmed by the response from consumers since the launch of their new product. She claims that the company came up with the idea so as to give the consumers something different from what they are used to enjoying.

The part that might scare some people is that the company is unlicensed. So far it has sold around 150 calendars to various clients. It claims that it has more than 300 orders being processed to be shipped to the consumers. As for the waiting list, it has over 1500 people who are eagerly waiting for their calendars to arrive. The company did not expect the product to be popular and now they have to deal with the huge number of orders.

So, what is contained in this marijuana advent calendar? From the company website, they explain that it is packed with marijuana flowers that are commonly edible. This can include weed-infused gingerbread men or snowflake cookies. Sometimes it will be the combination of the two. On average, the calendar costs between $200 to $230. It is quite an amount you have to pay for such a product. Well, it seems people have nothing to worry about.

When asked about the legality, Fedler claims that she knows the calendars are illegal, but will continue to sell them. She further claims that she is not concerned about the authorities cracking down on her business. Since the police have not contacted her, she will continue to sell the calendars and keep the customers happy. This comes at a time when the Canadian government is looking to legalize recreational marijuana by July 1, 2018. Since the legislation is yet to be finalized on the marketing and distribution of marijuana in the country, selling such calendars infused with marijuana is illegal.

Health Canada recently released a few proposals on the regulations that would see the sale of marijuana being easy and safe. The body wants to limit on the colors and graphics that can be used on marijuana packages. We do not want a scenario where the seller exaggerates what the product can do. Another thing was the need to have health warnings on the marijuana packages. People have to buy these marijuana-laced products knowing the kind of health risks they are exposing themselves to. It is the same way we now have health risks printed on cigarette packages.

Having the sudden popularity in the advent calendars means there is a gap in the current law. Thus there is the need to have a regulation to can handle such form of products. Amazingly, there was a company selling such products only that they contain beer rather than marijuana.

These advent calendars have been popular, but with no regulation, it has led to some people fearing it would lead to health risks. These products mostly have not gone through any quality testing to ensure they are fit for consumption. The worst is when you cannot even determine the levels of THC and other cannabinoids in the calendars. This kind of information has not been availed by the person selling the calendars.

Another concern that people might have is the risk of contamination by the manufacturers. You might have them including uncontrolled substance that might lead to serious health issues. Some might end up having mold or fungus issues. No one wants to deal with products that might make them sick.

The use of calendars in the Canada marijuana industry has been criticized by various professionals. They feel that having the calendars in the marijuana sector is a step in the wrong direction. Still, these professionals have a reason to understand how such calendars will affect the kids. Not all parents are careful with their stash. What will happen if a kid accidentally ingests part of it?

Fedler says she took measures to keep the kids away from using their products. They have designed the package to have an ugly Christmas sweater, which is different from what the kids like. Well, many people would not feel that such a design is enough. Well, before you buy the calendars, make sure you understand the risks.

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