Collier Country Lengthens Marijuana Dispensary Ban

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For many people, the ban of marijuana dispensaries in Collier County back in July was a blow to their businesses. It seems that will still be the position as the medical marijuana dispensaries are still banned for another six months. This decision has been reached as there is a delay in the state lawmakers in changing some of the marijuana rules surrounding the dispensaries and their operation.

The country is looking to control the number of dispensaries that can be opened in the area. The legislators were worried about having too many dispensaries with their activities being uncontrolled. As much as voters approved the use of medical marijuana in 2016, it seems like the lawmakers are making it impossible for the residents to access the product.

According to the current law, the state law does not give the county the control over the dispensaries. For all the counties in the state, it is either they ban the dispensaries or treat them as pharmacies. This means that if the dispensaries are allowed in the county, there is no control on how many can be opened. The only thing the county can control is to make sure the store is at least 500 feet from a school.

The temporary ban of setting dispensaries in the county was expected to end on December 31. No one expected it, but now the ban will last for an additional time of 6 months. This means that the residents of the area would not access medical marijuana for more than a year. Bill McDaniel, who is a commissioner has voted against the ban. He claims that now it is less temporary as it had been suggested before during the first ban. He agrees that the legislation might have been poorly written, but it is a constitutional amendment that must be respected. More so, the voters approved and thus it shows the importance of letting the dispensaries exist.

According to the legislation on legalizing marijuana, the state has set the limits on how many dispensaries can be setup in certain state regions. This does not apply to any specific counties, but rather in general. The law has divided the state of Florida into five sections where medical marijuana can be sold.These sections were chosen based on the population in the area. The population also affects the number of dispensaries that can be in an area.

Since the lawmakers have less to show over the period when the dispensaries were banned, most people do not have faith in them doing anything over the next ban period. For those lawmakers opposed to opening the dispensaries claim that the law does not give them any control. The only control they have is the number of pharmacies.

There is a limit to the number of dispensaries as explain before by the state law. With more people living in Collier County and the neighboring counties, this could lead to many marijuana dispensaries in the area they cannot control. This could make the job of the regulators hard in the county.

Florida is not the only state to have issues with its marijuana legislation. In places such as Colorado, there has been a decline in the sale of marijuana. You might have thought that legalization of recreational marijuana would make the sales soar even higher. Well, the problem has nothing to do with the pot supply, but rather the taxes. The state is taxing highly on the recreational marijuana. This should make the price of marijuana on average high. As much as it is readily available, most people would find it expensive than when they used to buy it from their dealers. On the overall, the high taxes in various states are making marijuana unpopular. The industry has the potential of making the state a lot of money, but the high taxes are killing it.

It also seems like the legalization of marijuana has made it less valuable. Whenever something is prohibited for both growth and consumption, it is when its value soars. The reason is due to the rarity of the product. Now that recreational marijuana is easily available, its price is slowly coming down. It is not the same as when it was being introduced to the market.

The general problem with the marijuana laws is that sometimes they are rushed. Mostly it is because they were part of a political promise during the campaigns. If someone is elected on the basis of legalizing marijuana, then that becomes their first agenda. Right now, there is the need to have proper consultations to ensure the laws created do not have any gray areas. This is like in the case of Collier County. They feel like they do not have any control of the marijuana business in their county. This is something that should have been rectified in the law before it was even passed.

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