Having Marijuana Candy May Land You in Jail in the Future

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Yes, you read the topic right. Having marijuana-laced candy could now land you in jail in the near future. This is from a few meetings held on November 16 and 17 to discuss more about pot persecutions. Well, when you thought that having recreational marijuana was going to be fun, a few setbacks are evident. The meetings were held by the Joint Judiciary Committee to discuss several bills relating to the use of cannabis products.

The bills included the use of marijuana in foods and drinks. This part of marijuana use has now been added to the criminal code. Right now the bills are being discussed with a few amendments expected to be tabled. If the bills go forward and become law, then more people would be arrested if found with products laced with marijuana. It is not clear about the amount of time you will be in jail, but no one likes it there.

Talking of such ridiculous laws on marijuana, you might want to keep yourself from using pot while in some states. As much as 29 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, being found in some states that have not legalized is quite the trouble. It is worse considering that you can get recreational weed in the capital DC.

Texas is one of those states that are yet to legalize marijuana. If you come from Canada where the use and growing marijuana is about to go full scale, it might be good to restrain yourself while in Texas. The Texas state has set the possession of marijuana as a felony that can get you anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in prison. Having over a gram in the same state gets you about 10 years and the worst is when you have 4 grams as the jail time is 20 years!

Texas is not the only state with serious laws against possession of marijuana. Florida is another state that does not like marijuana. You can get up to five years in prison for possessing any amount of cannabis. If you are also caught with 21 grams of cannabis flower, you will still get five years in prison. For those who thought that was hard, this possession of pot in Florida makes you lose the right to vote. Not just for a few elections, but for life. This is a state with many people majority being African-Americans who cannot vote because at one time of their lives they were busted for weed.

Things are not different either in the neighbor state Georgia. Here having marijuana is also a felony with some mandatory laws that have to be accompanies. In Florida, a court can be lenient enough to reduce the sentence. In Georgia, you have to get a minimum mandatory jail time of one year. Wow, that must be harsh for those who would like some hash. The worst is when you get arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. If you fail the urine tests after arrest, you get one day to one year mandatory jail time. That is not all as you also have to do mandatory 40 hours of community service, 20 hours of mandatory drug program and one year on probation.

The charges even get hotter when you move to Oklahoma. Having any amount of marijuana flower can lead to a one year imprisonment. If that is not enough and then you end up with a second offense, it can get you 10 years in prison. Being caught converting marijuana into a concentrate is the worst. You can easily be slapped with a life sentence in prison! Recently, Oklahoma also passed a law to handle those who are arrested with cannabis DUI charges. You can now get 1 year in jail time for a first offense or 10 years as a second offender.

You might have thought that Oklahoma is hell for most marijuana users in America. Apparently, it is not as hot as Arizona state. Being in possession of marijuana hash in Arizona can lead to 4 months up to 2 years in prison and still have to pay a fine of $150,000. The state still has a law on DUID that can get you a jail time of 10 to 180 days, with additional probation for 5 years and having your license suspended for 90 days.

For most states that do not have strict laws on pot possession, they will always have a DUID law. This is when you drive under the influence of drugs. You do not have to be caught red-handed smoking pot to be charged. Most of the time you will have to go through a urine test. Given that cannabis can take up to 30 days to completely be out of the body, you might want to avoid driving even if you smoked legally in the other states that have legalized pot.

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